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Short Term Loan News

Money tips and MYJAR news

MYJAR receives FCA authorisation

MYJAR is delighted to announce that we have received full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), reinforcing our credentials as a leading company within the sector.

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Money Tips: 10 Ways to Treat Your Valentine on a Budget

They say that love is blind - but it’s certainly not cheap. Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially profitable days of the year. From pricey restaurant meals to luxurious spa retreats, showing your loved one that they mean the world to you can be costly.

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Money Tips: 8 Ways To Enjoy A Family Weekend For Less

Despite January being the fresh start of 2016, many of us still have a lingering financial hangover from the festive season. Inevitably, after spending our savings on gifts, festive foods and other luxuries, many of us find our budget is a little tighter than usual come the new year!

But as you get back to the grind of work, there are ways to occupy your family without having to spend money. Get inspired by our 8 ideas for enjoying a family weekend on a budget!

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Debt Awareness Week

Each year, StepChange Debt Charity, one of the free debt advice services that we support, encourages us all to think about how financially fit we will be for the year ahead. They are offering a programme of daily e-mails for a week to help people to understand their financial situation and some very practical steps to improve their situation.

At MYJAR we have always encouraged our customers to do what they can to take control of their own finances. We recognise that sometimes, what look like easy ways out (borrow a bit more, don’t open the bills and the banks statements, try not to think about it), never really offer a long-term solution.

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Money Tips: 6 Steps To Cutting Your Energy Bills

Energy bills are an inevitable monthly outgoing for all of us. You flick on a light, you curl up on the sofa to watch your favourite boxset, and you plug in your phone to charge it up: day in, day out, you and your family rely on electricity. But by being more aware of how your household is consuming energy, you can begin to make small changes, which will help to reduce the amount you’re paying out each month. Simply put, it’s about getting into the right habits…

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk