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Money Tips: Saving Money on Christmas Dinner

Save Money on Christmas Dinner

At the heart of every magical Christmas Day is the all-important lunch. Everyone looks forward to a feast of turkey, crispy roast potatoes, and of course the pièce de résistance, the Christmas pudding. If you’re cooking for lots of family and friends this year and you’re worried about the cost of the supermarket shop, follow our top tips for saving money on your Christmas lunch.

Plan Ahead

This is the golden rule whenever you’re trying to save money. If you do your shopping last-minute, it’s far more likely that you’ll throw things you don’t really need into the trolley. Carefully plan what you’re going to serve on the day, and write out a detailed shopping list. When you’re in the supermarket, make sure to stick to the list and try not to get sidetracked by tempting offers.

Use a Price Comparison Website

You can compare supermarket prices online using handy comparison sites. Just a few clicks could save you significant sums on your Christmas meal.

Ask Friends & Family to Bring a Dish

It might sound like cheating, but the more help you can get, the easier and more enjoyable Christmas Day will be. Ask everyone to bring something small and you’ll soon have many of the key ingredients of a Christmas feast sorted for you.

Use Leftovers

Many of us feel that we need to start completely from scratch for Christmas, and this is where the serious overspending can happen. Before you go shopping, have a thorough search through your cupboards for anything you’ve forgotten about. You’ll almost certainly find something that will come in handy. Make sure to check the use-by dates.

Choose your Turkey Wisely

If you’re the sort of family that likes to eat Christmas leftovers until New Year’s Day, buy a large turkey and get value for money. If you know you’re unlikely to want to look at another turkey for a whole year, buy a small bird. That way you won’t be faced with plates and plates of leftovers.

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