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Short Term Loan News

Category: Money Tips

Give Up A Costly Habit For 40 Days

When we think of giving something up for Lent, we usually think of preserving our waistlines and our health. Of course these are important, but remember that Lent is also the perfect opportunity to save money. Research last year found that giving bad habits up for Lent could save you over £18,000 over your working life. Think of the things that make a real dent in your budget every month, and have a good go at giving them up for 40 days.

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Money Tips: How to Entertain Kids on a Budget During Half Term

Half Term

While it’s great to have the kids around for a week, it can be challenging to find cheap and cheerful ways to entertain them during half term. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and some handy hints, you can find plenty of inexpensive activities to keep them busy and spend quality time as a family.

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MYJAR Explains: How to Find The Right Current Account

MYJAR - Current Account

A current account is an absolute essential, enabling you to manage your money on an everyday basis. You can set up direct debits and one-off payments out of your account, and receive wages, pensions and loans into it. With a current account, you have freedom and flexibility to control your money in the way you want.

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MYJAR Explains: Instalment Loans

Installment loans

There are numerous different types of loan, and it’s incredibly important that you have a good understanding of as many as possible before you commit to one.

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MYJAR Explains: Bank Charges

Bank Charges

The term bank charges refers to any fee or charge that a bank makes to its customers. Generally when you hear ‘bank charges’ used, it will be in regards to a current account or checking account.

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