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Short Term Loan News

Category: Money Tips

Money Tips: Take Advantage of Loyalty Cards

Save money with loyalty cards

Most of us are creatures of habit, and find ourselves going into the same shops on a regular basis. If you have ‘go-to’ stores for particular items, whether they be groceries, toiletries, or clothes, loyalty cards could really help you save money in the long term.

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Money Tips: Detox Your Finances & Save Money

January Financial Detox

January could just as easily be known as Detox Month. Most of us are keen to shift the extra weight we might have put on over the festive season, when mince pies, chocolate and Christmas pudding are standard fare. Similarly, we all want to get our finances back in order after what is generally accepted to be of the most expensive periods of the year. While no-one wants to think about New Year’s resolutions before Christmas has even begun, planning ahead is key to a happy and secure year to come. Follow our top tips for detoxing your finances in January.

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Money Tips: Saving Money on Christmas Dinner

Save Money on Christmas Dinner

At the heart of every magical Christmas Day is the all-important lunch. Everyone looks forward to a feast of turkey, crispy roast potatoes, and of course the piece de resistance, the Christmas pudding. If you’re cooking for lots of family and friends this year and you’re worried about the cost of the supermarket shop, follow our top tips for saving money on your Christmas lunch.

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Money Tips: Saving Money on Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

The time has come to give your house a touch of sparkle and a sprinkling of festive cheer! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without decorations: baubles for the tree, fairy lights for the outside of the house, tinsel for some added glitz. Transforming your home into a Yuletide wonderland needn’t cost the earth. Take our advice for creating a dazzling Christmas for less.

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Money Tips: Healthcare, Self-care & Pampering on a Budget

Pamper yourself for less

With long working weeks and the prospect of a chilly, dark winter looming on the horizon, we all need a little pick-me up from time to time. Giving yourself a regular morale boost is essential to maintaining a good quality of life, and ensuring your physical and mental well-being. When we think of pampering, it’s often expensive spa days and luxurious salon treatments that spring to mind. However, there are lots of cheap and cheerful ways to look after Number One.

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