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How to Get a Loan

Everything you need to make the most of MYJAR

Easy to apply

Apply to MYJAR

Fill in the application and enter the PIN we have sent you by SMS. 

Easy to apply

Request your loan

  • Log in to your account at myjar.com/login OR
  • Call 020 3006 2000 & select option 1.

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Easy to apply

We send your loan

We’ll send the money you need to your bank account within 15 minutes.

Easy to apply

You pay us back

18 days later we debit your account taking payments using a Continuous Payment Authority.

How it works

We keep our costs really simple and we like to talk in figures not percentages so for every £100 you borrow you pay back £120, 18 days later.

Be sure to have enough money in your account on the repayment date since a reminder fee of £25 is applied on day 20 if we are unable to collect our money.

Interest of 1.11% is added daily until we receive the funds but this is capped at day 60.

For more details visit our FAQs.

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Example loans

Borrowing - £100 +
Days 18
Interest £20
Total £120
Borrowing - £200 +
Days 18
Interest £40
Total £240
Borrowing - £300 +
Days 18
Interest £60
Total £360
Borrowing - £400 +
Days 18
Interest £80
Total £480
Borrowing - £500 +
Days 18
Interest £100
Total £600

Annual interest 406% (variable)
Representative 3943% APR

Managing your jar


How to repay

You don't have to wait until the repayment date, here's how to pay now or anytime:

  • Log in to your account and select  REPAY NOW
  • Send a text to 82777 with the words LOAN REPAY
  • Email us at info@myjar.com
  • Call us on 020 3006 2000

If you want to change your registered debit card:

  • Log in to your account and select MY DETAILS
  • Call us on 020 3006 2000

How to request a loan

Once you have successfully applied you don't have to fill out the application form again when you want another loan.

  • Log in to your account, check your credit limit and select the loan amount you want from the Jar
  • Send a text to 82777 (LOAN REQUEST PIN)
  • Call us on 020 3006 2000

Request a new loan  

Borrow up to £500

After you have borrowed from us we will continue to assess your credit limit.

This determines the amount that you can borrow from us.

There are lots of factors that affect this including how often you borrow and when you pay us back.

Just log in to your account to see the loan amounts available to you in your Jar.


APR Explained

We want to take a moment to explain our Representative APR and demonstrate why you don’t actually get charged this big %.

APR magnifying glass

The Annual Percentage Rate is a way of showing the cost to borrow money over a full year. However, the problem is that all types of lender have to display the APR in the same way, although lending products vary widely.

With MYJAR, we only lend for 18 days and it is just not possible to borrow for a whole year. Even if you are late in paying, we stop charging interest 60 days after you take the loan and we never charge interest on top of interest.

When you borrow from us we make it clear at the outset what the cost is - £20 for a £100 loan over 18 days which is the equivalent of just over 1% per day. That’s it – that’s the simple deal.

When looking for a short term loan, these are the most important things to be aware of:

  • How soon do you have to pay it back?
  • How much will the loan cost you in total if you pay back on time?
  • What extra costs are added for late payment?
  • Will I have the money available when the loan is due to be repaid?
Representative 3943% APR +

Representative Example

Borrowing £100
Days 18
Interest £20
Total £120

Annual interest 406% (variable)
Representative 3943% APR



Credit agreement

This is the agreement between you and us and sets out the main terms and conditions.

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The Standard European Consumer Credit Information is a simple way for you to compare our loans to others.


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